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Dominica | 4x4 Waterfall & Rainforest | Ti Tou Gorge "Pirates of the Caribbean" site | Crew Show

Day 5 of Windstar's Caribbean Legend itinerary brings us to Dominica, a striking, lush, mountainous Caribbean island with a plethora of activities and attractions. We have visited Dominica on a previous Windstar cruise so today is an opportunity to explore new sections of the island. And we shall.

Dominica has many ways to enjoy and experience what it has to offer. Here are some of the excursions offered by Windstar, one of which we participated in.

River Tubing Adventure: A great way to get wet, have fun and experience some of the many Dominica rivers. In your modified inner tube you will gently spin and swirl past exotic scenery with time for river bathing. Includes rum punch and fruit punch after yoru tour. 3 hours

Champagne Reef Snorkel Adventure: Champagne Reef is one of Dominica's premier snorkel sites, dotted with Champagne bubbles from a submerged volcanic vent in the sea floor, colorful fish, coral and sponge life. 2 hours.

Cooking Caribbean Flavors & Lifestyles: Take in panoramic views en route to a home in the tropical rainforest, where you will be introduced to herbs and fresh organic products to be used. You can prepare a local meal, stroll the property and view the mountains and Caribbean Sea before feasting on the meal you helped create.  Complete with desserts and fruit and rum punches. 3 1/2 hours

Indian River Rowboat: Boatmen in hand-oared wooden rowboats allow you to view a variety of heron, kingfishers, iguanas and birds, plus see where scenes from Pirates of the Caribbean were filmed. Visit Botanical Gardens and the Bush Bar for home made rum punch. 4 1/2 hours.

Trafalgar Falls & Hot Springs: Experience it all on this coach tour - lush greenery, rainforest, waterfalls, sulfur deposits and cool water streams. Fruit or rum punch served at the end. 3 1/2 hours.

Wet & Rugged Dominica: A 90-minute walk along ridges, and a 2 hour hike through hilly, thick forest. along the way see a crater, Morne Trios Pitons National Park, cross countless rivers, a dramatic gorge and panoramic lake views. Have a picnic lunch before you visit Ti Tou Gorge for a swim to a waterfall. 5 1/2 hours.

Whale & Dolphin Adventure: On a 60-foot catamaran you will venture up to 8 miles offshore in search of whales and dolphins. They use hydrophones to scout for Sperm Whales. Pilot Whales, Humpbacks and dolphins. There is no guarantee of sightings but it is a a fun water adventure. We did this on our previous visit, saw a whale, dolphins and enjoyed the time on the water. Fascinating. 3 1/2 hours.

4 X 4 Waterfall & Rainforest: After the whale adventure at sea last visit we opted for an interior exploration this time. Once again we explored many options from Windstar and outside vendors but settled on this one. And with zero regrets I will add. I really feel like this was kind a Best of Dominica experience.

We boarded an open-air 4 X 4 with a driver and knowledgeable guide for our in-depth tour. We drove through the capital to Morne Bruce for views of the national stadium and docked cruise ships. We winded through mountains to Wotten Waven Sulpher Springs to see and smell the remnants of volcanic activity. 

We're not done yet. We traveled further into the rainforest to Ti Tou Gorge, which was used in the filming of Pirates of the Caribbean 2 - Dead Man's Chest movie. You will likely recognize this unique site. We did. There is a crevice in the mountain where both hot and cold streams intermingle into a natural rock pool.

I and some of our fellow tour mates elected to take the optional swim between the mountains to a crystal clear waterfall. Life vest included. This was an extremely invigorating swim with a rewarding view and swim under this amazing waterfall you can only view by the swim. Not for everyone, but if you are up to the challenge it is well worth it. Apparently I was very thirsty after the swim as I bought a couple Kubuli beers from a vendor conveniently stationed just outside of the site. Rum and fruit punch are included, and passed around on the trip back to the yacht. Cheers

We returned to the Star Breeze after our 3 hour tour a bit passed lunch time in the Veranda so we gladly opted for room service of fresh sandwiches and fruits. There was still plenty of time for sun worshiping on deck, and of course a magnificent Sail Away from Dominica under beautiful skies, leading into a fabulous sunset, with a rainbow in between. What a glorious day, topped off by sensational Italian dinner and desserts. And let me not forget the fantastic Crew Show tonight. These folks are great.

A Look at Today's Events of Interest:

4:30 PM - Ladies Pamper Party: Interactive and complimentary party. Receive a number of free mini treatments. 

5 PM - Sail Away Celebration. Another great one. Viewed the capital, a Tui cruise ship, homes built into the lush hillside, mountains that we drove through just earlier today, a rainbow, and a huge bright yellow ball sunset. Cheers from the deck.

5:30 PM - Casino opens for slot play. Table games begin at 9 PM.

6:30 PM - Port Talk: Destination Manager Steve prepared us for Pigeon Island, St Lucia, tomorrow's port of call. This is the port for our Beach BBQ. There are several tours available as well.

7:00 - 9:00 PM - Dinner: Dinner is served in AmphorA and Candles (reservations required). 

9:30 PM  - Crew Show: This crew has some talent. 

Followed by - Live music in Compass Rose and Star Bar, until ...

White Rum, Dark rum, Mai Tai Mix, Orange Juice. $8.25.

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Italian dinner in AmphorA, Windstar Star
Delicious dessert, Windstar Star Breeze.
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