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Valentin Imperial Maya







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Valentin Imperial Maya Spa

ULTIMATE VACATIONS Review & Description of Valentin Imperial Maya Resort Spa Services & Facilities.

The Spa at Valentin offers an impressive lineup of treatments, including body treatments, massages, facials and rituals. Here is partial example of options available at an additional cost form your all-inclusive package.


Back Massage (30 minutes)
Relieves pain and reduces fatigue in the back, neck and shoulders, improving circulation in major areas of tension

Tired Legs Massage (30 minutes)
Revitalizing and refreshing massage that helps to relieve the sensation of heaviness, tension and swelling of the legs.

Swedish Massage (50 minutes)
Relaxing massage based on soft and firm movements that allow increased circulation and diminish muscular tension.


Valentin Therapy (60 or 80 minutes)
A perfect combination of classic Swedish, lomi lomi, feet massage (pressing some reflected points), face acupressure techniques and scalp massage, a complete experience of well-being for body and mind.

Four Hands Massage (50 minutes)
Performed by two therapists, whose firm and synchronized movements stimulate the body offering a unique and unforgettable experience.

Eye Contour Treatment (25 minutes)

Intensive treatment for a rapid relief of tired and puffy eyes with dark circles, thanks to a combination of natural ingredients as extract of aloe, pep-tides of collagen and vitamin E.


Moisturizing Facial (30 minutes)
Basic facial to moisturize face and neck. A soft exfoliation and mask for dehydrated or combined skin are applied providing a clean and fresh appearance.

Deep Cleansing (80 minutes)
Especially for combined or oily skin, it eliminates impurities by means of cleansing exfoliation, steam, extractions and green clay. The skin becomes oxygenated offering a fresh, uniform, clean and hydrated aspect.

Caviar Anti-Aging (90 minutes)
Exclusive repairing facial highly concentrated in active ingredients as extract of Caviar, Shea Butter and micronized vitamins for extraordinary results. Smooths expression lines, strengthens elasticity and deeply hydrates the skin.


Tropical Body Scrub (30 minutes)

The exfoliation energizes, activates the blood system and withdraws dead cells leaving the skin with an even texture and soft, ready for a perfect tan.

Nourishing Tropical Body Wrap (60 minutes)
Nourishing and repairing, this treatment counteracts aging, evens skin tone and protects the skin by gently polishing it, the application of a yogurt mask and a body balm.


Sun Care Body Treatment (50 minutes)
Regenerating, healing and calming treatment due to a combination of vitamin E and the natural nutrients of the aloe. It helps burned or irritated skin by the effects of the sun and sea water exposure.


Wonder Sensation  for Couples (2 ½ hours)

Foot pampering / Swedish Massage / Exceptional Hydration Facial

Riviera (1 hr and 50 minutes)
Tropical Body Scrub / Aromatherapy Massage / Reflexology

Couples Sweet Experience (90 minutes)
Back Massage / Tropical Body Scrub / Moisturizing Facial

Magic Touch (1 hr and 50 minutes)
Four Hands Massage / Classic Manicure & Pedicure

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