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Allie Bystrom

Travel Agent - Omaha, Nebraska, ULTIMATE VACATIONS

Allie Bystrom has been a stellar travel agent with the ULTIMATE VACATIONS family since 2008. Allie specializes in All-Inclusive Vacation, Honeymoon and Destination Wedding planning. She is highly successful at doing so, as noted by her 7th place finish in the recent Funjet Vacations Nationwide contest. Needless to say, her fantastic production is impressive, only outdone by her vacation planning knowledge that helped her achieve this. Allie is based in Omaha and serves a national list of clients, especially in the Nebraska and Iowa areas. A real specialty of Allie's is Destination Weddings. You can reach Allie at 402 813 7313 or by email.


Welcome Allie, Jay French


Allie Will Never Steer You Wrong

Allie started in the Travel/Hospitality industry in 1994 with Westin Hotels and Resorts. She maintained 

Premier accounts ensuring that “If they wanted an ice cold coke in their room when they checked in, they 

had it.”  When Westin closed its doors to the Midwest, Allie was able to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in 

Computer Information Management.  She is a bona fide Digital Diva.  She prides herself on the ability to 

access the best-priced vacation, hands down. She is a poker fan so don’t bet against her on this one!

Those of you that have worked with her have heard it before; “I will not book a vacation at a resort/hotel 

that I would not stay at.” That is just the beginning of Allie’s work ethic!  Over 80% of Allie’s clients are 

referrals.  Allie believes, “the key to a successful vacation is a great value at an awesome price AND to 

prepare the client for an adventure of a life time. This is the direct path to a happy client and a rewarding 



Allie is passionate about travel.  One conversation and you are ready to pack your bags!  “Experiences are 

what LIFE is really about. We all have choices to experience the world around us.  Why not live every 

minute?”  When clients call Allie, they know that they are getting expert advise on how to best experience 

the minute.  You never want a great vacation to end.  Allie makes the planning fun and easy.

One thing Allie excels at is the Destination Wedding/Honeymoon/Anniversary.  “I am a romantic at heart. I 

was lucky enough to marry the love of my life and chef of my heart. (Allie’s husband is a chef by 

profession). I want other people to experience the joy LIFE has to offer, it is like a pay forward kind of 

thing.”  She knows the laws and requirements and the best resorts with on site wedding coordinators (Many at no charge!).  Romance?  She will even tell you which resort has the best beds on the beach!


Thinking about a destination wedding or vow renewal? Allie and her husband celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary by renewing their vows on the beach with 35 of their friends and family at the El Dorado Royale. So if you contact Allie she is an agent that has personal experience and even knows a few tips that will give you the day of your dreams at a super savings. She even has the ability to get your group your own special discount promo code as well as special bonuses! 


No matter what your reason for exploring the world, Allie will give great advice and assist you along the 

way.  She has visited most US states and has extensively traveled.  Chances are; she bought the T shirt and the refrigerator magnet too! Call her whenever you want to plan a vacation.


Here is Allie’s Bio:  “I grew up in Omaha Nebraska, in a Family of 4 children.  My father owned his own 

business and worked very hard.  He would take three weeks off every summer and we would have a family vacation. These vacations opened the world to me. My mother would spend months planning our family vacation.  My favorite was chartering a 48-foot yacht and sailing Lake Superior for a week.  We learned how to sail in two hours and away we went!  It was amazing.  I want everyone at least once in their lifetime to feel amazing.  It is like a treasure box that you can always go back to.  How can one not want to be a part of that? I build a relationship with each and every one of my clients that is how I know what vacation to recommend.  My function is to talk with a client, find out what their true expectations are and then to deliver it above and beyond what they thought possible.  That is so much fun to me.  It makes my day to hear a client tell me, “Okay, you told me it was nice, but you did not tell me it was that nice.” Or the “Where to next year Allie?”  I get to be the matchmaker of vacations.  In doing so I get to experience it all. I know it is a tough job and SOMEBODY has to do it!  On the other hand, not all resorts are up to standard and no one likes kissing the frog!  Baloney tacos are not cool.  Price is important but value is everything!  I really focus on the  bang for your buck concept.  I prioritize my clients’ needs and build the best vacation at the best price. It is all about options.  As a Vacation Specialist, my job is to let a client know about all options available. Whether it is departure city, resort to stay at, or the best tours in the area; that is what the true definition of customer service is about.  I am not an order taker, I plan Ultimate vacations day in and day out and I am pretty good at it!”

Allie is a straightforward gal and will give you the inside scoop on which destination specializes in what you are looking for, be it the relaxing beach or the out of the ordinary eco adventure.  Last year she was 7Th in a nationwide Funjet Vacations contest.  The year before she sold more Frontier Flights than any other agent in the United States.  The gal knows the meaning of bulk wholesale airfare!

“It is important to me to be working for an independent agency. I want to be able to recommend to my 

client the best value for their money. This is only possible if an agent has the ability to research all options.  


Research and making the right recommendations is the cornerstone to a great agent.”

“I am so lucky to be able to do what I love.  I am passionate about travel and having the best experience 

possible.  I take a personal interest in each vacation that I book.  My clients are special people and I want 

each vacation to better than the last.  The feedback I receive makes my day! Being able to take part in 

building forever keepsake memories with clients is a fine and noble thing.  I really want others to experience some of the amazing things that I have been fortunate to experience.”

Allie’s extensive travels enable her to give candid recommendations based upon personal experience. Allie travels 4 to 6 times each year to stay updated and increase her ability to intimately know a wide variety of destinations and resorts. She posts real life pictures and reviews of her adventures on her Face Book page. 


Feel free to friend or follow her posts! Give her a call today! 402.813.7313

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