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All-Inclusive Caribbean and Mexico Destination Weddings

ULTIMATE VACATIONS has Specialty Travel Agents to assist with Caribbean & Mexico Destination Weddings

So who hasn’t dreamt of celebrating their wedding on a sandy white beach at sunset; perhaps beside a breathtaking waterfall in the South Pacific; on the deck of a cruise ship at sea; or in a glorious garden Gazebo just steps from Caribbean or Pacific Ocean? We know of beautiful chapels only steps from glorious beaches as well exclusive rooftop locations overlooking azure seas. Sure it has probably crossed your mind. 


But how do you accomplish it? Where do you begin? How do you coordinate this enormous detail-filled task? How do you know what destination to choose – safety, travel convenience, quality, and value? What about your guests – your family and closest friends? Who will handle their travel requirements? And how much will all this cost and who will manage it so you don't have to?

  • We've been to the resorts - We know the staff

  • Free Wedding & Free Honeymoon Packages. We know where!

  • We do the work. Your group saves $. You earn the perks



Contact ULTIMATE VACATIONS and work closely with one of our specialists to create and experience your own ULTIMATE DESTINATION WEDDING


Why let ULTIMATE VACATIONS experts assist you in planning your Ultimate Destination Wedding? --- EXPERIENCE


Sure you can access information on the internet and we encourage you to do so. Information, however, is not knowledge, and it definitely is not experience. We do this successfully for a living – every day. We travel to the most romantic destinations and resorts constantly. We stay in close communication with premier suppliers, tour operators, ground operators, and wedding coordinators, sales managers, general managers and even owners of resorts. We have up to date knowledge and lasting relationships that you can not replicate through the internet or with a phone call to a resort. Simply stated, ULTIMATE VACATIONS knows the most romantic all-inclusive resorts for destination weddings, either with children or adult-only resorts. We already know the group wedding policies, each country’s different wedding requirements, the difference between resorts that they won’t tell you, which destinations offer the activities your group has interest in, where you are most likely to receive the best value for the size of your group. No two wedding groups are alike. We listen carefully to your dreams, goals and requirements before making customized recommendations. Plus our experience is not gained from our own personal experience alone. We contact and survey every guest when they return from a Destination Wedding, Honeymoon or Vacation. That real feedback is invaluable.

Below are some of our most popular resort groups for destination weddings. For these or other brands please contact us for expert guidance and the best rates.

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Wedding Packages


4 different Adult-Only, Gourmet All-Inclusive Jacuzzi resorts on beautiful beaches in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Ever thought about taking over an entire Casita Section? We can do that for you. Adults-Only VOW RENEWAL. Plus, ULTIMATE VACATIONS has Free Upgrades and additional Exclusive Honeymoon Amenities.

At El Dorado you can be married almost anywhere: SAND (on the beach) /  SKY (private rooftop location with 360 degree views) / SEA (on a pier overwater) / GARDEN (botanical and private) / CHAPEL (beautiful and religious) / BALLROOM (indoors and elegant).


Karisma represents the best names in Gourmet All-Inclusive Resorts in Mexico & The Caribbean. 

Free Wedding Package               Free Honeymoon Packages              Earn Free Events for your Wedding

Wedding Locations                       Wedding Website & Honeymoon Registry                        Vow Renewal

EL DORADO RESORTS - Adult-Only in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Beach & Chapel locations.

GENERATIONS  - Perfect for weddings with kids. Suites up to 3-bedrooms. Beach, Rooftop and Chapels.

AZUL  - Great options for weddings with kids in Riviera Maya & Jamaica. Suites with private rooftop available.

NICKELODEON - Yes, you can get slimed at your wedding. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.


Excellence Group

Excellence is an amazing group of Adult-Only and For Everyone All-Inclusive 5-star resorts in Cancun, Riviera Maya, Punta Cana, and "Soon Come" Jamaica. Excellence has three outstanding Wedding Packages, a Vow Renewal, and one of the best Complimentary Honeymoon Packages available.


Excellence Resorts (Adult-Only) in Cancun / Riviera Maya / 2 in Punta Cana & 1 coming to Jamaica

Beloved (Adult-Only) Boutique resort north of the Cancun zone. An intimate resort that you can nearly takeover.

Finest  - A large section for all ages and a smaller Adult-Only section. In Playa Mujeres.

Excellence Wedding Packages               Excellence Vow Renewal

Hard Rock Hotel

Colin Cowie brings 12 customizable wedding collections to the Hard Rock All-Inclusive Collection of resorts, including an elegant Free Wedding Package (pictured in the thumbnail). Despite the appeal to grown-ups, Hard Rock resorts are for all ages. In addition to a very nice complimentary Honeymoon Package they also include up to $1,800 to be used toward your wedding, tours, spa, golf, wine upgrades and romantic dinners on the beach. High energy Hard Rock has All-Inclusive resorts in Cancun, Riviera Maya, Punta CanaPuerto Vallarta.


Palace Resorts

Palace Resorts offer a selection of nine elegant, vibrant customizable Wedding themes, including a unique glass walled oceanfront chapel at Moon Palace. Palace also has generous complimentary Honeymoon Packages; plus up to $1,500 credit to be used toward tours, spa, golf, romantic dinner on the beach, and wine upgrades.


Palace All-Inclusive Resorts are in Cancun, Cozumel, Jamaica, Playacar and Isla Mujeres, including 2 Adult-Only resorts, one of which is the highly acclaimed Le Blanc.


Marival Residences and World Spa

Overlooking the incredibly romantic Pacific Ocean sunsets, the Rooftop Terrrace 1-Bedroom Suites offer a level of exclusivity and privacy rarely experienced, including your own private infinity pool. No accommodations are less than 1,400 sq feet. We rate their homeymon package among the best because it includes a romantic dinner for 2 on the beach, bottle of Champage upon arrival, susnet photo of the two of you, framed.

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ULTIMATE VACATIONS is highly experienced in Mexican Destination Weddings. We suggest only resorts that we know are fully equipped to deliver a seamless ceremony for you. That is where our knowledge, experience and personal relationships with the sales departments and wedding coordinators greatly benefit you. Yours will not be our first Destination Wedding at the resort we recommend!



Couples and four witnesses must arrive in Mexico at least three working days prior to the ceremony to complete the following (slight changes may occur for legal ceremonies from state to state. We will be aware of any local changes):


♥ Couples must fill out an application at the corresponding office of the Civil Registry office, which will include a statement as to whether they wish to marry under the system of joint or separate marital property. This application must be accompanied by blood-test results from a physician in Mexico and that is typically arranged by the hotel.


♥ The bride and groom must present their original and copies of the U.S. passports, tourist permits (which they receive upon entry to Mexico) and birth certificates. Except for the valid U.S. passport, all documents from the U.S. must be authenticated by an American authority (usually an officer from the Secretary of State office where they were born) by attaching an apostille to the document. They must also be translated into Spanish.


♥ People who have been married previously must present proof of the termination of that marriage in the form of a divorce decree or death certificate. If the divorce or death took place outside of Mexico, it must be authenticated and translated. Divorced people cannot marry in Mexico until one year after the termination of the divorce.


♥ After the ceremony, a certified copy of the marriage certificate prepared by the Civil Registry should be obtained and authenticated by the corresponding Mexican authority. You will need this.


In Mexico, only civil marriages are recognized a legal. A civil wedding in Mexico is fully valid for legal purposes in the U.S. Persons under the age of 18 cannot be married without the consent of their parents or legal guardians.


Please note: Many symbolic marriages take place in Mexico, performed by ministers, shamans or priests - these include vow exchanges and symbolic exchanges. It is very much like a legal ceremony, only it is not legally binding.


Couples planning a Roman Catholic ceremony must fulfill the following additional requirements, and documents required for Roman Catholic ceremony must be sent by the couple's bishop to the bishop of the Mexican state prior to the ceremony.

• Premarital inquiry completed and signed by couple

• Baptismal certificates for both parties indicating their freedom to marry

• Statement of freedom to marry signed by the couple's parish priest

• Permission to marry or dispensation from the disparity of cult issued by the bishop of the Catholic Church, if only one member of the couple is Catholic

• Copies of applicable declarations of nullify, or death certificates for previous marriage ending with spouce's death

• Testimonial letters from the bishop



Getting married in St. Lucia is an easy process. You will need the following:

♥ Passport

♥ Birth Certificate

♥ Decree Absolute (if one of the parties is divorced)

♥ In the case of a widow/widower a Death Certificate of first spouce is required.

♥ If one of the parties is under the age of 18, evidence of consent of parents is required in the form of a sworn affidavit stamped by a Notary Public

♥ If any required documents are not in English, an authenticated translation must be available


Sait Lucia has a No Residency Policy, so you can be married within a few hours of arrival. The license fees are as follows (approximate cost in US$):

$126 if staying on island three or more days

$204 for a special license if staying in St. Lucia for less than 24 hours

An applicatioin to marry in St. Lucia must be made by a local lawyer to the Attorney General or notary, who prepares and signs the license.



Special marriage License: $204

Notary's Fees & Marriage License: $126

Registar's Fees: $38

Marriage Certificate: $3

Rates & Payment



We beat the internet in every way. ULTIMATE works with major wholesale tour operators who have much more clout than your one group can ever have. We utilize their special programs custom made for wedding groups that allow for flexible travel plans for your guests to travel independently yet come together for you special occasion. These programs deliver the best value and often reward the wedding party with funds and credits toward the cost of the wedding.


We typically have access to the same or better rates and certainly provide far more experience. In simple terms – you are paying for our services with internet companies without benefiting from our experience, guidance from beginning to end, or the successful coordination of your guests travel arrangements. Let alone your personal details.


When your guests make their own travel arrangements you lose control over that group. That means no one is there to support them in time of trouble with 24/7 emergency assistance; if a hotel is overbooked some of your guests can be “walked” to another hotel. The list of potential and very real problems goes on and on. Then you get to deal with those problems instead of your wedding. Have fun. With ULTIMATE we take the worry out of the equation and your guests do not get displaced from their hotel.


Bottom line is we will get you the best rate and value possible, but even more importantly, we will deliver the ULTIMATE DESTINATION WEDDING experience for you and your guests.



Destination Weddings are not for everyone, but they sure make a lot of sense (and dollars) for those whose dream it is to be married in an exotic or romantic locale surrounded and supported by their families and closest friends.


A typical wedding and reception can cost $30,000 - $50,000 these days easily, and that is not a high end ceremony. A Destination Wedding costs a fraction of that and your guests who are able to attend enjoy the benefit of a vacation as well. We can arrange excursions for your group. You can even defray the cost of their travel if necessary by allowing a dollar figure to go toward certain guests expenses and still save an enormous amount of money compared to a traditional wedding and reception.


Surprisingly, Destination Weddings can often cost similar to the equivalent vacation. Surely you were going to take a honeymoon anyway. And best of all you can even return home to schedule an informal reception for those not able to attend your Destination Wedding and show off your photo’s and video of the entire trip – before, during, and the honeymoon. That’s something you can’t do during a traditional reception.


They say the purchase of a house is the biggest investment you will ever make. Is it? How many houses will you purchase in your lifetime? How many weddings will you have? Which occasion will provide the most lasting memory? And which will be your most emotional investment. There’s really nothing to compare with having the wedding of your dreams. And if a Destination Wedding is the wedding of your dreams then make it an ULTIMATE DESTINATION WEDDING with ULTIMATE VACATIONS.

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