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ULTIMATE VACATIONS can book any of these tours in advance for your St. Lucia vacation. This saves you valuable on-island vacation time.


St. Lucia Whale and Dolphin Watching Cruise
Not only is getting on the water a fantastic way to view the beauty of St. Lucia but with this cruise you have a reportedly 85% chance to view dolphins. The most likely species are the Sperm (45 ft), the Pilot (20 feet), and the Humpback (65 feet). Not as often but occasionally a Orca (Killer Whale 30ft) can be spotted. And dolphins typically travel in large groups up to 150 at a time, all for your viewing pleasure. Complimentary soft drinks, water, fruit drinks and light snack are included. Beer is available for purchase. Price: from $63.

Party Cruise in St. Lucia
This 2 1/2 hour cruise along the western coast of St. Lucia allows you to admire the lights of homes and resort on the hills. Best of all you can party by dancing to the DJ tunes while enjoying the open bar and hors d'oeuvres. Sail from Rodney Bay Marina to 'The Morne' fort and back. Roundtrip transportation from your hotel is included. Price: from $74.55

St. Lucia Speedboat & Sightseeing Tour

This excursion has just about everything. Take a speedboat from Castries harbor around 9:30 am and travels along the coast to Soufriere, where you will see the twin Piton peaks, returning around 3 pm. Before returning you will jump on a bus to a volcano, a therapeutic mud bath, and off to the rainforest for swimming under the waterfall. An island buffet is served at a beach restaurant, and you will make a snorkeling stop on the return. Price: from $119.81.


St Lucia Hotel Chocolat Boucan Tour with Visit to Sulphur Springs and Snorkeling at Petit Piton
A scenic catamaran cruise to Soufriere (light breakfast included) where you are transported to Hotel Chocolat Boucan on the Rabot Estate with view of the Pitons. After a cacao presentation you will make your own chocolate bar. A full lunch is provided here. Then its on to the world's only "Drive-in Volcano." Enjoy a natural mud bath and wash off in warm spring waters. But its not over yet - you have one more stop to snorkel beneath Petit Piton. Roundtrip transportation to/from your hotel is included. T Price from $191.70.


Buggy Adventure in St. Lucia
This tour combines most of the same sites as the Speedboat tour except on a catamaran. However instead of transport by bus, you will have a buggy to drive from place to place before returning to the catamaran. Price: from $266.25.


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