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Takatz Bay | UnCruise Adventures | Wilderness Legacy | Day 4 of Itinerary | Kayak, Skiffs, Seals & Bears

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After the non-stop multiple physically demanding activities from yesterday, today is perfectly timed. We woke up in the beautiful, peaceful Takatz Bay. I went out to the far reaches of the bay in a kayak. So scenic and peaceful. Viewed several breathtaking waterfalls in the bay. Kayaked past 2 separate private yachts in the bay. Now that's isolation far from any maddening crowds. 

While at the far end of the bay I had one of our adventure team members racing my way to let me know if I hurried back toward the ship there was a group of bears along the shore. Now that's going the extra mile! So off I go, paddling as fast as I am capable of hoping to catch the bears. As I arrive, breathing hard, I see many kayaks from our ship in place for the extraordinary viewing up close. I also see Carol who had gone on a skiff tour also viewing the bears. All of us gently bobbing in silence enjoying this seemingly private exhibition by the bears. You have to pay a lot of cash for an excursion on a big ship to experience this. Not us. Just another included perk with UnCruise.

After this private show it was back onboard for me for my favorite beer Steve had waiting along with the munchie of the day before lunch. Carol continued deeper in the bay via the speedy skiff and videoed a tremendous powerful waterfall.

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After another fabulous lunch it was back out on the bay. This time by skiff so we could cover as much of the huge bay as possible and see what we could see. This was a fairly quiet afternoon. We did see a seal and her pup on a rock. And we had eagles overhead much of the time and followed them as they perched high atop the tall trees.  

During another Happy Hour we learned that we will be visiting prime whale waters tomorrow. Dinner was typically fabulous. Prawns for me. Delicious. Another bright night and a sliver of sunset through the rainforest clouds around 10pm. 

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