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Magoon Islands | UnCruise Adventures | Wilderness Legacy | Day 7 of Itinerary | Prime Rib & Salmon

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Woke up to clouds and a mist for the last full day of our UnCruise cruise. The French Toast breakfast was as delicious as any. For my last included activity of the cruise I chose to return to the kayak with my next cabin neighbor. We went out with 3 other kayaks on a guided tour led by Liz

Turned out to be interesting. First, the mist turned into rain. Then the wind picked up and the currents became strong and challenging. Finding ourselves struggling against the currents, Liz opted to hug the shore to go against the current attempting to make it to our destination. Unfortunately she was actually pushed back by the ever increasing wind and currents. Mission failed. After less than an hour out we returned to the ship. Oh well, this was still an interesting experience. And that's why we travel.

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After a relaxing afternoon in The Lounge and cabin we prepared for our final Happy Hour, Farewell Dinner and Captain's Farewell Event. Happy Hour featured information on the disembarkation process and times, plus tips on Sitka, our final destination.

We feasted on quite the spread during dinner. We completely enjoyed our all you care to eat supply of Salmon and Prime Rib. After dinner we moved back to The Lounge for a slideshow of our trip prepared during the week for us. Every guest received a link to download the slideshow. The slideshow represented the huge variety of activities we experienced during the week and their best effort to include every guest in photos. 

Following the outstanding slideshow a delicious dessert was served while Captain Allen spoke and introduced the entire crew who worked so hard for us all week. I can not stress enough how impressive the crew and their service was all week. We could not be more impressed with Dawn and the entire Activity Crew. They are so dedicated, knowledgeable and impressive.

So I helped close the bar the last night with some of the guests who apparently had been regulars late nighters. Steve has been a fun bartender for the week. Even though tips are collected and spread among the crew I felt Chase, our waiter for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and Steve deserved something extra since they took such extra care of us each day. As I left a tip for Steve he was very thankful and surprised. He admitted that very few tip him. That's discouraging considering how much effort he went to take requests and make sure each creation met approval throughout the cruise. And also the group who kept him late in the bar every night. None of them tipped. Very disappointing. I encourage you to tip. It is not that painful.

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