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ULTIMATE VACATIONS reviews, photos, descriptions, dress codes and hours of operations for restaurants at Nickelodeon Punta Cana.

ULTIMATE VACATIONS has the complete list of restaurants for Nickelodeon Punta Cana. Dining at Nickelodeon PUnta Cana is available at 11 restaurants. For a resort that caters to families including children you will be pleasantly surprised at the gourmet quality and excellent variety of options available night and day.

The Dinner dress code is pretty simple. Here is the essence of it. LADIES: Capri pants; Dresses; Skirts; Long pants; Shoes; Dress Sandals. GENTLEMEN: Long pants; Collared shirts; Casual shoes or Dress Sandals, dressy or formal Bermuda shorts. While this seems simple enough let's be clear - they will probably turn you away (rightfully so) if you show up for dinner in cut-off shorts, flip flops, tank tops, bathing suits, ball caps, etc. Reservations can be made two days in advance with your building concierge.


LIGHTHOUSE - Caribbean (Adults-Only)

Lighthouse is an adult-only restaurant at the end of the adult pool. The dinner had had here was exceptional. We sat on the patio overlooking the pool and beach. A quick list of some of our favorites were: Caribbean Lobster Ceviche, Tortilla Soup, Lobster Pasta with flank steak, Chicken Roulade with Blue Cheese, Grilled Rack of Lamb.

Breakfast: 8 AM - 10 AM - Buffet & Food Display

Lunch: 12 Noon - 5 PM

Dinner: 6pm - 10pm

ZEST - Mediterranean

Zest is a fun family restaurant located near the pool and beach. Zest is where the Character Breakfast take place (reservations required / additional fees apply). You can order from the buffet, select from the lavish food displays, or remain at the table and order from the menu during dinner.

Breakfast: Check for reservations

Lunch: Noon - 4 PM

Dinner: 6 PM - 10 PM

FRESCO BAR & GRILL - Caribbean Comfort Food

Open air but shaded by the pool and swim-up bar. Needless to say, the bar options are endless. We loved the lunch options - Shrimp kabobs, daily ceviche, Burgers, Fish Tacos, Fish & Chips, Salads and desserts. 

Lunch: 11 AM - 5 PM

Drink Service: 10 AM - 5 PM

AQUA BITE - Flatbread Central

Located in Nickelodeon Place (Water Park), the food options and quality were surprisingly good. Flatbreads are the specialty, but other options include various burgers, chicken wings, and wraps. I was completely surprised by the quality of the Mojito, having taken the servers suggestion. Characters posed with guests just to the side of Aqua Bite and we could watch slimings taking place across the way. 

Daily: 9 AM - 5 PM


24-Hour Room Service is available with an impressive selection. Breakfast can be pre-ordered.

Lunch at Fresco, Nickelodeon Punta Cana
Lunch at Fresco, Nickelodeon
Lobster Pasta & Flank Steak at Lighthouse, Nickelodeon Punta Cana
Lobster Pasta & Flank Steak at Lighthouse


We really like this concept - a large village with restaurants, bars and shops on either side and a large open space courtyard set aside for lounging. Beginning early in the evening live musicians perform, two bars are set up and servers take your drink orders. Everything is very convenient and you feel encouraged to relax and indulge before and after dinner. 

SUGARCANE - Marketplace & Buffet

Thoughtful open kitchen plan with food stations where your selections are prepared in front of you with fresh items. We should point out there is an adult dining room as an option. The food quality is extremely good and we especially appreciated the massive variety of fruits for the fresh smoothies. 

Breakfast: 6:30 AM - 11 AM

Lunch: 12:30 PM - 3 PM

Dinner: 5:30 PM - 10 PM

WOK WOK - Far East fusion (Reservations Required)

Wok Wok is almost zen-like with dark wood paneling and the light sound of running water. Much of the servings are wok. Nice variety and very good experience.

Dinner: 6 PM - 10 PM

VERDELLO - Sicilian (Reservations Required)

What can you say, Italian(ish) restaurants usually excel at all-inclusive resorts. Verdello did not disappoint.  We should have taken better notes. We consumed course after course and it was all amazing. Loved Verdello. You can dine indoors in the attractive space or outdoors and view the festivities in the Village. 

Dinner: 6 PM - 10 PM

BRGRS.PH - "Artisan" Burgers

BRGRS.PH takes burger eating to another level completely. But first, they have a crazy variety of appetizers and salads. This is just a mere sample of burger options: Southern Double, Down Under, The Dominican, The Machete (massive - large enough to feed more than your family), Pork, Oxtail, Steak & Eggs, The Havana, Lentil and many others. There are lots of great sides and a strong kids menu.

Dinner: 6 PM - 10 PM

SPACEWALKER - Interstellar Cuisine (Reservations Required)

We guess the theme is food from around the world (or galaxy). The inside is geared for kids with space helmets, rocket launches, etc. But frankly the menu is terrific. For appetizers Smoked Salmon Bruschetta, Carrot Salad, Cheddar cheese and beer pate, prawns and more. The main entrees: Baked Salmon, Ribeye, Eggplant curry, and Beef Stroganoff, among other options. 

Dinner: 6 PM - 10 PM

KITCHEN 23 BY LE CHIQUE - Multi Course Gourmet

This is not part of the all-inclusive package. Reservations are required and an additional fee applies. Chefs go out of their way to impress - course after course. The sommelier and mixologist add to your gourmet experience. 

Dinner: 8 AM - 10 PM

DOPPIE - Coffee & Tea

They claim to feature coffees and teas but in reality the chocolate creations steal the show. If you can imagine it, they have already created it. Take your sweet tooth here. 

Daily: 7 AM - 7 PM

Aqua Bite at Nickelodeon Place
Machete Burger for the whole family
Aqua Bite, Nickelodeon Punta Cana
Machete Burger @ BRGRS.PH, Nickelodeon Punta Cana
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