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 Sandals Elite BUTLER Service

Sandals Weddings

BUTLER SERVICE: At Your Beck & Call

We are often asked why you might need a butler, and what you would use him/her for. First of all, Sandals Elite Butlers are certified by the Guild of Professional Butlers. From the moment you arrive your personal butler will cater to your every wish with unexpected anticipation and surprise you in many ways.

ULTIMATE VACATIONS has had the pleasure to experience Sandals Elite Butler Service and were awed (not to mention completely spoiled) by what these professionals added to our vacation experience. There is nothing else like it. After all - vacations and honeymoons are all about getting away from every day rituals, and of course being spoiled. We have broken down what they do, step by step.



  • Greet you with scented hand towels to refresh you from your flight

  • Offer Welcome Cocktails and treats

  • Provide a private resort orientation

  • Escort you to your suite and coordinate luggage handling

  • Administer a private comfortable check-in in your suite

  • Provide you with information regarding the resort facilities

  • Arrange for any personal accommodation preferences

  • Provide you with a cell phone to reach him/her when needed

  • Offer to unpack your luggage

  • Press your first nights outfits complimentary


  • Make all dinner reservations, tour bookings, on property activities and spa appointments for you

  • Serve you your favorite drinks on the beach or at the pool

  • Serve you lunch on the beach or at the pool

  • Coordinate with Housekeeping the servicing of your suite

  • Ensure you suite is maintained to your preference during your stay

  • Expedite all room service orders

  • Shine/clean your shoes for dinner

  • Ensure your dinner table is perfectly arranged at the restaurant of your choice

  • Arrange the perfect romantic dinner for two in your suite or on your patio. You can order from any resort restaurant menu for service by your butler in your suite

  • Tend to your wardrobe

  • Collect and return all laundry for you


  • Serve you amenities before dinner

  • Escort you to dinner at the restaurant of your choice with prefered seating. Always a prime location.

  • Ensure your suite is turned down and your room is perfect for the evening


  • Arrange for your transportation back to the airport

  • Provide you with information regarding check out

  • Assist you with folding clothes for packing

  • Retain all your preferences for future visits


  • Ensure your bags are taken to the departure area

  • Escort you to the Butler/club Lounge and process your paperwork for check out

  • Escort you to your vehicle and bid you farewell


  • ​Exclusive Weekly Cocktail Party

  • Butler guests are invited to all Club Sandals activities



  • Take them home with you. Not allowed.

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