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UnCruise - The Best Experience on Water

ULTIMATE VACATIONS has cruised on UnCruise and offers these reports, reviews, descriptions, videos and photos of UnCruise ships and itineraries. Explore like never before with UnCruise.
UnCruise Overview


The name says it all. UnCruise is the most un-cruise cruise can take. An exhilarating adventure is what you are in store for. You will be transported between adventures via an intimate ship but you won't spend days in crowded ports of call. Got it? For the sake of our reports we will focus on Alaska, since that is how we have cruise with UnCruise.

*All of these photos and videos were taken by Jay or Carol French of Ultimate Vacations on our UnCruise adventure. 100%*

small ships, BIG ADVENTURES

No UnCruise ship holds more than 90 guests, but the opportunities for up-close exploration and adventure are BIG. You will experience wildlife, marine life, activities and up-close scenery not possible on large ships. Many itineraries include an overnight stay in prized Glacier Bay National Park. Few visitors ever get to experience this. Certainly no big ship itinerary allows this. But we experienced it. PLUS - less than 1% of visitors to Glacier Bay ever stand on park land. We did. Multiple times over 2 full days!

While the brochure is slick and offers many diverse tempting itineraries, they can change greatly at the discretion of the Captain and Expedition Leader based on weather, animal and marine sightings. I can attest from experience that we had no complaints and loved the itinerary changes we experienced.

The intimate small ships of UnCruise get up close to glaciers, waterfalls, marine life, bow-ride with dolphins, skirt shores with bears, cliffs with mountain goats, and rocky islands with sea lions. Big ships can not deliver this up-close experience. Of course you can view Alaska from a big ship but you can not get immersive and experience Alaska from a big ship like you can on an UnCruise - unequivocally!

UnCruise lets you experience Alaska to the fullest of your desire and ability. The included nightly Happy Hour is when you will learn about the following days destination(s) and what activities are available to you. The Expedition Leader will detail the opportunities and times available. The team will then circulate the room and visit with each person/couple to provide explanations, answer questions and informally sign you up for your choices.


And the choices are many. There is an army of kayaks for you to use. There are skiffs that transport you to a nearby shore to begin a hike or bushwhack, or take you on a hour(s) long skiff tour to coves, waterfalls, fjords or up-close whale viewing. You can skiff to the shore for meanderings, hikes and the heart pumping bushwhack through rugged territory. 

Not enough is said about the incredible guides. These pro's are incredibly knowledgeable about all facets of your experience, they are passionate about their field and your personal experience. They work super hard and are with you personally on the activities.

"The most important thing to know about UnCruise is that all adventures, activities, excursions are included!"


The 9 ship fleet is purpose built for Alaska, Hawaii, Costa Rica, Pacific Northwest rivers, etc. From the most intimate 22-guest Safari Quest to the largest in fleet, 90-guest S.S. Legacy you will be pampered with extremely personalized attention. Cabins are minimal but efficiently functional. One main dining rooms allows for open seating. There are no spas or lavish shows, but there are informational talks. All cabins are outside, facing the ocean. 

This is the time to unplug as there is no internet service. But UnCruise ships are well equipped for your adventures with Skiffs, Kayaks, and Paddle Boards.
















We have already established that all of your activates and adventures are included. So are your meals and all of your drinks - even alcohol. The intimate ships of UnCruise allow you to get to know your team and for them to get to know you. We liked our waiter and requested him each night. From the second night on, he had our favorite drinks waiting for us at  our preferred table, basically reserving that spot for us for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

There is a stretching class each morning. Breakfast, lunch and dinner have set hours and seating is open. The cuisine is always fresh and leans on regional favorites. Each morning the Chef comes to breakfast to announce the lunch and dinner options. Your waiter will then come around to take your orders, which of course you are free to change later. This policy gives the crew a more accurate idea of what to prepare and allows for less waste. Each dinner varied and offered at least one meat, fish and vegetarian option. There were always main stays like steak, burgers, etc. available throughout the cruise. Every meal we experienced was delicious. 

The bar is open from late morning until the last drink is served (within reason). Most of the major liquor brands are available, plenty of wine choices, and Alaska beers are featured. There is always a specialty Drink of the Day and our bar tender, Steve, was open to request for the Drink of the Day. 

There are always snacks available in the bar when you return from morning activities, and varied appetizers served during the nightly Happy Hour. And of course it is all included. 






























UnCruise does a fantastic job of providing a destination specific recommended packing list and suggestions after you book. Let's face it - you are going to get wet in Alaska and the Pacific NW. Alaska cruises are in a rainforest. Expect to shop for calf-high rubber boots, Rain gear, hiking pants, moisture-wicking shirts, waterproof gloves, dry bag for camera, binoculars, snacks, etc., comfortable walking shoes and more. About 40% of first time UnCruise guests never cruised before. The come for the adventure.























UnCruise Legacy in Glacier Bay, June 21, 2021_edited.jpg
4 bears by Carol Takatz Bay, June 22, 2021_edited.jpg
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