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Live Aqua Cancun Spa

ULTIMATE VACATION Description & Review of Live Aqua Cancun Spa Facilities & Treatments



Live Aqua Cancun has created a wonderful spa experience for guests. Spa Aqua is open daily from 8am until 9pm with rituals and treatments beginning at 9am daily. Services included with spa treatments include towels, bathrobe and sandals, spa amenities, chlorophyll water & tea, aromatherapy cold facial towels, and personal care amenities.


Spa treatments are an additional cost, however guests can take advantage of the facility and the hydrotherapy circut for $20 perguest/day or $100 for 7 visits. Spa facilities include sauna, eucalyptus inhalation, crystal steam room, locker area, jacuzzi, pressure shower, hydroleflexology, and temperature contrast lagoon.


Hydrotherapy Ritual (40-60 minutes) - Included with most rituals & treatments

It's all about the aqua. Begin with a warm revitalizing shower followed by an invigorating herbal steam treatment, sauna session, eucalyptus inhalation therapy. Alternate heat sequences in the pressurized shower or slip into a temperature-controlled plunge pool. And don't forget the pulsating jets of the Jacuzzi. Complete the ritual by returning to the pressure shower. Relax before your treatment  in a bathrobe and listen to aqua music while sipping on warm fruit tea or a cool Chlorophyll and Roselle infusion.


Renovation Rituals

Swedish Massage - (30-minutes) $70 / (50-minutes) $110

Candals Massage - (50-minutes) $110

Indian Magic - (50-minutes) $110

Breath of Australia - (50-minutes) $110

Four Hand Fusioni - (50-minutes) $160

Soffio D' Polinesia - (50-minutes) $110

Sensations massage Fusion - (80-minutes) $150


Balance Rituals

Mayan Secret - (80-minutes) $150

Shiatsu - Thai - (80-minutes) $170


Revitilizing Rituals

Samumpray - (50-minutes) $120

Shiodhara - (50-minutes) $110


Purification Rituals

Aquamarine Exfoliation - (30-minutes) $65

Honey Scrub - (30-minutes) $65

Tropical Exfoliation Mango - Passion Fruit - (30-minutes) $65

Coffee Ritual - (80-minutes) $150

Coconut - Chocolate Wrap - (80-minutes) $150

Real Thermal Water Wrap - (80-minutes) $150

Clay Massage of the Deep Sea - (50-minutes) $120


Rejuvenating Rituals

Apple Temptation Facial - (50-minutes) $120

Moisturizing Facial - (50-minutes) $110

Mini Facial - (25-minutes) $70

Mens Sports Facial - (50-minutes) $110

Caviar Deluxe Facial - (80-minutes) $195

Sensative Skin Facial - (50-minutes) $120


Aqua Rituals

The Dream - (50-minutes) $125

Seaweed Aromatic Bath - (30-minutes0 $70

Milk Bath - (30-minutes) $70

Personalized Training - (60-minutes) $75


*All treatments, descriptions, times and prices are subject to change without notice. This is simply a description of information available during the time of our last visit to Live Aqua Cancun.

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