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Valentin Imperial Maya All-Inclusive Resort Review

ULTIMATE VACATION Review & Photos of Valentin Imperial Maya Adult-Only All-Inclusive Riviera Maya Resort 


Valentin Imperial Maya - All-Inclusive resort is one of the more affordable Adult-Only resorts in Riviera Maya, Mexico. Valentin delivers a good value. ULTIMATE VACATIONS made a point to stay at and thoroughly inspect Valentin Imperial Maya in order to compare it to its competition. There are differences in amenities and clientele, but Valentin passed the test, and in some cases surprisingly well.


Consider when you compare resorts on price alone all things are not apples to apples. Valentin does a good job but it does not equal the quality, amenities or service level you would receive at an El Dorado or Excellence Resort for example, and Valentin is deficient in keeping hardware in working order. This is not a knock, just a fact. This warning comes not only from our trained eyes, but those of our clients who have stayed at all of these resorts recently.

Valentin Imperial Maya beach
Swim-up Suites, Valentin Imperial Maya

Valentin Imperial Maya is an easy 30 minute drive south of Cancun International Airport. Ask us about Non-Stop transfers to speed up your travel time. We know that Valentin recruited brain power from other adult-only resorts when it formed its initial advisory board. To our trained eye we easily recognize parts of other resorts. On the whole, the most recognizable components came from Excellence (design and layout) and Riu Resorts (activity level). We must say they have created a well thought-out, attractive resort.


Not to blow this out of proportion, there are plenty of guests at Valentin who would fit in perfectly at any adult-only resort. To ULTIMATE VACATIONS it appears that Valentin has filled a missing niche in the adult-only market for folks who desire a more outgoing and active adult-only experience without surrendering the upscale amenities, solid drink brands, or delicious cuisine. There are no Casitas, Rondovals, or Villas, but Valentin Imperial Maya delivers an outstanding value in the adult-only market. And that is a good thing!

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