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Live Aqua Cancun Dinner Restaurants 

ULTIMATE VACATIONS Description, Review & Photos of Live Aqua Cancun All-Inclusive Dinner Restaurants & Bars

Live Aqua Cancun has several outstanding all-inclusive dinner options and one not inclusive option. Beware - Inla'kech has an additional charge. Though we have not indulged, we understand it is a wonderful experience and worth the additional fee. ULTIMATE VACATIONS has a description of each below.

Infused Salmon at MB gourmet restaurant


MB - This is an exceptional gourmet dining experience. Guests staying in a Club level room are allowed to make dinner reservations in advance and that is a giant plus if you plan to dine at MB, especially if you plan to dine here more than once. Not to imply you can't get in. You can. But we witnessed a line here constantly. It's worth it either way.There is an indoor and outdoor section. The indoor section resembles a comfortable relaxing upscale lodge. The cuisine easily qualifies for the "gourmet" moniker. The extensive menu of seafood and steaks will not disappoint. Many local ingredients are incorporated to achieve a dynamic fresh taste. We love MB!

AZUR - Dine indoors or on a deck above the beach overlooking the ocean. The menu is extensive and feature a variety of seafood and meat lover items. Full service and your favorite drink is available and served to your table.

Tenderloin at Azur, Live Aqua Cancun
Tenderloin at Azur, Live Aqua Cancun
Seafood Platter at Azur, Live Aqua Cancun
Seafood Platter at Azur

SIETE (7) - A full buffet with multiple food preparation and carving stations. There is wait service to assist and serve drinks to your table. 


INLAA'KECH LOBSTER & GRILL - Not part of the all-inclusive concept! There is a cover charge of $60 per person. This sensational option is privately tucked away in a garden surrounded by trees and would be unnoticable if not for the amazing smells that can not be hid. Once inside you can dine to your hearts content on steaks, lobster, kebabs, seafood, salads and more. But save room for the French flambe.


SUSHI STATION - While this is not a dinner option, it is a great diversion. Located next to MB and across from AKA Bar it is a great choice to munch a very wide variety of sushi before dinner with a drink, or throughout the evening.


AKA Bar - You could easily believe for a moment that you are in a hip bar in Asia for example. Backed by an enormous glass wall containing thousands of wine bottles, you can belly up to the bar, sunggle on a couch or engage in a game of billiards while keeping an eye on the TV. Located near Sushi Station and between MB and Siete, this becomes a hub of activity before and after dinner.


EGOS BAR - It's tough not to describe this lounge as hip also. It just fits. Perfect location to relax with a before-dinner-drink to background music and to feel high energy after dinner until the AM hours. They have many signature drinks here.

EGOS Bar at Live Aqua Cancun
EGOS Bar, Live Aqua Cancun
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