ULTIMATE VACATIONS sailed on Windstar Cruises luxury yacht Star Breeze. This is our day-to-day review and personal photos of the ship and the Caribbean Legend itinerary from our personal experience.


We sailed on a Windstar Cruises sailing yacht, the flagship Wind Surf before, sailing the Classic Caribbean itinerary and loved it: Nice cabins, a level of elegance without over-the-top dress codes (resort-like, not stuffy), a water sports platform (complimentary) off the back of every yacht; actual sails furling (on three of their ships); and the ability to get into really cool, interesting ports larger ships simply cannot reach.  

So for our second go-round with Windstar we selected the beautiful all suite Star Breeze. Same features Windstar is famous for minus the sails, but all cabins are suites beginning at 270 square feet. We were fascinated with Montserrat, found it within an itinerary that also includes exotic ports like Anguilla, Antigua, Dominica (been there but that's OK), Grenada and concluded in Barbados So our mind was made, Windstar Cruises Caribbean Legends was our itinerary choice. We did it and it exceeded all of our lofty personal expectations. Here's our story - and we're sticking' to it.

The flight to St. Maarten is a gorgeous one from the window seat, giving us fabulous Caribbean reef views. The transfer through town past shops is relaxing and easy. Check-in with Windstar Cruises is always quick, efficient and easy. We are really excited to experience and report on the Star Breeze all-suite yacht. 

Follow our first day report as we learn the yacht layout, meet the crew, hear what lies ahead this week, and sample our first Star Breeze dinner. 

Ah, today is our first port of call for the Caribbean Legends itinerary. Good morning Anguilla. It is a beautiful morning for breakfast at Veranda. The Eggs Benedict do not disappoint. And neither does the fresh Caribbean breeze on deck with views of beautiful Anguilla. We can't wait to get out and explore this charming Caribbean island.

Continue our Day 2 Review of the Caribbean Legends itinerary to learn about our day on exotic Anguilla . Bankie Banx Dune Preserve and our afternoon and evening onboard. We will learn about the night time entertainment and what the Drink of the Day is.

Windstar's Caribbean Legend itinerary is fantastic, but Montserrat was the main attraction for us choosing it. A little bit off the beaten path for some, and definitely not a high end glam port for others - but fascinating for us.

Seeing the Buried City (city buried and abandoned after the volcano) hotel and all; Viewing photos and memorabilia from Air Studios (founded by Sr George Martin) featuring Jimmy Buffett, Sting, Clapton and many others, made this destination absolutely fascinating. Continue reading to see our excursion choice - and of course the Drink of the Day

Day 4 of Windstar's Caribbean Legend itinerary delivers us to Antigua, one of the most historic, and beautiful Caribbean islands. The multitude of harbors, bays, marina's, and coves are dynamic enough, but seeing them from hilltops accentuates the breathtaking majesty of Antigua. We absolutely love Antigua, as a port of call or for a resort stay. 

Continue reading to learn about all the famous and scenic Antigua sites we experienced. We ate some Caribbean specialties in town, and had dinner at Candles under the stars, and had today's Drink of the Day.

Day 5 of Windstar's Caribbean Legend itinerary brings us to Dominica, a striking, lush, mountainous Caribbean island with a plethora of activities and attractions. This is our second visit to Dominica, so we will embrace new experiences. Dominica has a plethora of options and we have them all for you.

Continue reading to learn about our "Pirates of the Caribbean" adventure and the Drink of the Day.

Day 6 of Windstar's Caribbean Legend itinerary brings us to Pigeon Island, St Lucia, what we refer to as the most Hawaii-like island in the Caribbean. From the famous twin Pitons to English forts, zip line fun, and fabulous beaches - St Lucia has everything you can desire in the Caribbean. 

Continue reading to learn about our fabulous day at Windstar Cruises Beach BBQ Party in St Lucia, our climb atop Fort Rodney for breathtaking view of St Lucia and the Caribbean and the Drink of the Day.

Day 7 of Windstar's Caribbean Legend itinerary delivers us to St. Georges, Grenada. This is our first visit to the "Isle of Spice" so needless to say we are excited to explore. Grenada is a lush mountainous deep Caribbean island that features a rainforest, incredible waterfalls, the 2-mile long Grand Anse beach, tasty nutmeg, and of course the all important Caribbean product - rum.  

Please continue reading about our day and in depth tour of Grenada with driver and guide. Check out our video of a jumper from atop a spectacular waterfall, and of course the last Drink of the Day

Day 8 of Windstar's Caribbean Legend itinerary disembarks in Bridgetown, Barbados. This unique one-way cruise began in St. Maarten and now concludes in Barbados, not far off the coast of South America, and typically referred to as outside of the hurricane zone. 

I loved the Star Breeze, the ambiance and the spacious suites. And we certainly loved the diversity of scenery and activities we experienced on this Caribbean Legends itinerary. But don't go anywhere yet. Check out our full day in Barbados touring, and our option to spend time in the Executive Lounge at the airport. Well worth it. 

I can't wait to go on my next Windstar Cruise. Tahiti, Europe, Iceland, Alaska, Costa Rica? I do love the Caribbean, so we will have to see. 

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