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Windstar Cruises adds Alaska to 2018 Lineup

Last Week ULTIMATE VACATIONS held a Vacation Night and brought representatives from Collette and Windstar Cruises to meet in person with our clients. Leading up to the event we posted a video of Windstar Cruises. During our event Dianna Rom of Windstar made a big announcement.

Windstar Cruises will return to Alaska in 2018 after a two decade absence. Windstar will bring you closer to what makes Alaska great than large cruise ships ever can. With Windstar you will be able to visit unique ports and get closer by kayaking and scenic cruising by Zodiac directly from the ship. And with Windstar's small ships you can delve deeper into the heart of Misty Fjords and Kenai Fjords.


Windstar will operate three itineraries in Alaska from May to August in 2018. With longer 11-, 12- and 14-day itineraries you will not only get closer and deeper in Alaska but you will be able to take your time and really explore up close, personal, and unrushed.

Alaska Splendors - 12- or 11-Days Vancouver to Seward (Anchorage)

Includes Canadian Inside Passage / Ketchikan / Misty Fjords / Wrangell / Sitka / Icy Strait Point / Juneau / Haines / Tracy Arm & Endicott Arm / Kenai Fjords National Park / Seward.

Wonders of Alaska & Canada - 14-Days Seward to Vancouver

Includes Kenai Fjords National Park / Icy Strait Point / Haines / Tracy Arm & Endicott Arm / Juneau / Sitka / Wrangell / Misty Fjords / Ketchikan / Metlakatla / Prince rupert / Grenville Channel / Canadian Inside Passage Vancouver.

Islands & Inlets of the Inside Passage Vancouver roundtrip 12-Days

Inside passage / Ketchikan / Inian islands / Icy Strait Point / Tracy Arm & Endicott Arm / Juneau / Wrangell / Misty Fjords / Metlakatla / Prince Rupert / Grenville Channel / Canadian Inside Passage - roundtrip from Vancouver.


Windstar Cruises has no vessel larger than 310 passengers. And the 212-passenger Star Legend has been selected to ply these pristine waters. With suites of 270 square feet you will be pampered while in the lap of luxury. And of course you will have access to the sport Platform, a hallmark of Windstar, where you will be able to take the water toy of your choice in to the Alaska waters right from the ship - and it's all included.

This is the best Alaska experience you can possibly imagine. You will experience the best of Alaska up close, in-depth, uncrowded and unhurried in a luxurious yacht.

Contact ULTIMATE VACATIONS for more information, to pick up your Windstar brochure, or to speak to an expert about reserving your Windstar Cruise - to Alaska or to Tahiti, the Caribbean, Panama and Costa Rica, Asia, or all of Europe.

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