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Frontier Airline has just imposed NEW Check-in policies that will cost you if you don't know!

Ultimate Vacations books several hundred clients each year on Frontier as they have by far largest selection of Nonstop flights to Cancun from our most demanded departure cities. Please read the just released info from Funjet Vacations so you don't get caught up in extra charges you don't need to pay when you check in to your next Frontier flight.

Frontier Airlines is now charging for Airport Agent Assistance for both Exclusive Nonstop Vacation Flight and scheduled air passengers. This applies to passengers requiring in-person agent assistance for check-in, boarding passes, and/or bag tags when self-service is available on, through the Frontier mobile app, or via airport kiosks. To avoid the Airport Agent Assistance fee, please advise your clients to take advantage of the options outlined below. Passengers will need their Frontier airline reservation number listed by the flight information in their travel documents. Self-service Options for Check-in and to Obtain Boarding Passes:

Download the Frontier mobile app within 24 hours of departure

Check in online at within 24 hours of departure and bring a printed boarding pass to the airport

Go to an airport kiosk

Important note: Digital or printed boarding passes are not always available via the above self-service options, or you may receive an error message, especially with international flights. In these cases, boarding passes will be provided at the BAG DROP COUNTER at no charge.

Self-service for Bag Tags:

Print bag tags from an airport kiosk, and adhere bag tags to checked luggage

Proceed to the BAG DROP COUNTER, where Frontier agents will check passports, weigh checked bags, and—if not available at the kiosk—provide boarding passes. Passengers who go to the airline check-in counter for any of these services vs. the bag drop counter will be charged a fee (from $25 per person). As always, in-person assistance is available for Frontier passengers. However, this assistance will be subject to the Airport Agent Assistance fee unless self-service options are not available, or passengers qualify for fee exemptions. Please outline these options to your clients to keep them informed for their next Frontier flight. As we get more details from Frontier, or as we see their policies further evolve, we will be sure to update you.


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