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Don't Just Cruise Alaska: Experience Alaska!

UnCruise is Exactly That. A Very Un Cruise Like Cruise Experience. UnCruise is Way More!

We have cruised Alaska several times previously, hit all the major ports, and slipped in and out of Glacier Bay the same day. We wanted more. More of Alaska. We wanted to really experience Alaska, get very close to nature, wildlife, immerse ourselves in off-the-beaten path Alaska. So this time we selected UnCruise.

UnCruise Legacy in Juneau for departure
The UnCruise Legacy in Juneau for departure
The UnCruise Legacy deep in Glacier Bay
The UnCruise Legacy deep in Glacier Bay

UnCruise is all about the experience. UnCruise ships are intimate with less than 90 guests. The cabins are modest but functional. The food is fabulous and generous in variety. The Bar is almost always open and INCLUDED. All of your activities are included. You never pay for an excursion. And the staff throughout the entire team is beyond exceptional. The Adventure Team is especially incredible. More on them below.

We selected a 7-night itinerary on The Legacy - the largest ship in the fleet, designed with only 45 cabins. We began in Juneau and terminated in Sitka with a promised stop in Glacier Bay and no ports in between, just harbors, bays and parks. The owner of the line greeted in before we boarded and suggested we forget the original itinerary. They had something more instore. The Captain and Adventure Leader would create the itinerary as we cruised based on weather, whale and animal reports.

Bear and cubs on the shore
Bear and cubs on the shore from our skiff
Kayaking in Alaska
Kayaking in Alaska

Right off the bat our itinerary exploded with not only Glacier Bay the first full day. But we would overnight in Glacier Bay and continue there the following day AND evening. Wow! Who gets to do that! Hint: No one on a big ship. These 2 days were once-in-a-lifetime experiences we will cherish forever.

I encourage you to learn about UnCruise via our experience and thoughts, and review our Day to Day itinerary. You will have a chance to see our personal photos and plenty of videos of the ship, whales, food, bears, seals, sea lions, waterfalls, kayaks, skiffs, glacier bushwhacking, moose, Glacier Bay and many incredible locations.

A Whales Tail from our skiff
A Whales Tail in Alaska
Jay above 17-mile long Lamplugh Glacier in Glacier Bay
Jay above 17-Mile Lamplugh Glacier in Glacier Bay


  • Overnight in Glacier Bay. 2 very full days, with in park activities.

  • Bushwhacking alongside a 17-mile Glacier

  • Skiff right up to John Hopkins Glacier