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The world and particularly the travel industry is changing at warp speed amid the concerns and ramifications of coronavirus. From our engaged perspective many destinations are coming off our board for the time being i.e. Italy, Asia, etc. To that extent we are accommodating our early season Europe river cruise and Italy clients as needed.

Beyond that we see a clear path for clients traveling to fun & sun destinations throughout the Caribbean and Mexico. We have clients who have just returned and had fabulous experiences in these non-effected destinations, and we have clients ready to depart this and next week who can't wait to get way from the gloom & doom of our current environment.

We of course will continue to monitor the virus situation as well as all airline, hotel, cruise line and tour operator changing policies and procedures.

I thought it would be a good idea to share what resorts are doing to protect you, our valued clients. Here is an update from Hard Rock all inclusive resorts, and who also operate UNICO 20 87. I literally just got off the phone with a client who took his family of five to UNICO and returned on March 10. had a fabulous time and felt safe the entire time. Actually glad to be away while this frenzy was going on back home.

UNICO 20 87 pool


The safety, health, and wellbeing of our customers, partners and employees are top priority. We have been closely monitoring the COVID-19 situation, and following the lead of Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO), government agencies, and internal teams to stay on top of this evolving situation. With that said, we understand the last few weeks have been challenging, and our commitment and support to our Travel Partners and mutual guests continue to be of utmost importance. At this time, we would like to share the following information in order to keep you updated: Protocols, Procedures, and Preventive Measures We want our mutual guests to feel confident and comfortable when traveling to our hotels, and to enjoy their vacation with peace of mind. There are no reported cases in our cities, however, we continue to follow and reinforce internationally recognized regulations regarding guest and employee sanitation. We have also implemented additional preventive and precautionary measures in place in the interest of our guests' and employees' health and wellbeing; these include:

  • Increased and additional cleaning and disinfection of all guest rooms, offices, back-of-house areas, common areas, air conditioning units, and surfaces throughout the hotel using Ecolab products

  • Continued training and implementation of global standards of sanitation set forth by third parties, such as Ecolab

  • Reinforcement and documentation of employees' hand washing requirements and using an alcohol-based sanitizer, frequently and rigorously according to strict protocol

  • Continued use of masks and gloves by the required food-handling employees according to protocol

  • Limiting physical contact such as handshakes

  • Encouraging correct handwashing technique and use of hand sanitizing gel among guests

  • Additional staff training on closely monitoring and identifying any flu or virus associated symptoms, and reporting it to local authorities

  • Continued staffing of an onsite doctor 24/7 at our Mexico and Dominican Republic properties

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