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We've all hear the expression it's better in the Bahamas. Maybe that's why Norwegian Cruise Line parent company selected The Bahamas, and particularly Bahamian Great Stirrup Cay as not only their first - but the first ever cruise line private island.

In coming ULTIMATE VACATION BLOGS we will look at various private islands used by cruise lines. But for today, we will start with the very first one. Our staff has been here many times through the years. But praise to Norwegian, they have really stepped up and invested millions not only updating, but upgrading the overall amenities and experience of Great Stirrup Cay.

268 acres await your visit featuring a kids' aqua park, private cabanas, and plenty of dining and bar areas. Among some of the more popular activities available at Great Stirrup Cay are snorkeling in Bertram's Cove through an underwater sculpture garden, Jet Ski through the Berry Islands, feed stingrays at Stingray City, and parasail high above the Bahamas.

Great Stirrup Cay, Norwegian Cruise Line private Bahamas island

In 2017 Norwegian invested more than $1 million on new landscaping, including adding 1,000 shade trees. New amenities include enhanced and expanded dining options including Abaco Taco, a complimentary taco bar. All dining areas have been expanded and upgraded, featuring more shaded dining areas. The main buffet area, Jumby Beach Grill, has double the number of food lines to better serve.

Enhancements also include doubling the number of lounge chairs to 3,000, and the island's 22 cabanas - each accommodate up to six people - have been completely refurbished.

Cabana @ Great Stirrup Cay, Norwegian Cruise Line private island

Coming in 2018, Norwegian will open an exclusive lagoon enclave with a private beach, a Mandara Spa, ad 38 air-conditioned private villas available for reservations. This upscale area will also have a two-story restaurant overlooking the water.

For more details on Great Stirrup Cay or booking a Norwegian Cruise contact ULTIMATE VACATIONS. We have a fabulous relationship with the folks at Norwegian, know all the latest deals and can offer you a Complimentary Onboard Credit.

Lagoon area with Villas, Great Stirrup Cay

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