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There are Hawaii luaus by the scores. Like anything else all luaus are not equal. Do yourself a favor and go with the authentic route when you choose a luau experience.

The Old Lahaina Luau began in 1986 and continues to evolve today. Located in Maui near the historic Mala Wharf, it can accommodate up to 480 guests, and does so 7-nights a week. In fact it is often booked up three to four weeks in advance.

Justin French at Maui Luau

Never resting on it past or current successes, The Old Lahaina Luau recently invested in several upgrades including a gluten-free and vegan dinner options and a $1 million sound and lighting system. They have also partnered with Maui Brewing Co. on an exclusive luau beer flavored with sweet potato.

To ensure repeat guests never tire of the experience The Old Lahaina Luau makes sure the menu stays fresh with seasonal menus. In fact twice a year they change recipes for chicken and beef featuring what's in season.

Each evening begins with the traditional lei greeting and time for guests to explore the many activities and lesson on Hawaii culture along the oceanfront outdoor event space which resembles an old Hawaiian village. Guests can learn how to hula, discover uses for coconut and learn about poi, a main staple of the islands.

For the buffet dinner pork is roasted in an underground pit along with at least seven traditional Hawaiian dishes. including pork wrapped in taro leaf, sweet potato, poi, poke, taro leaf stew and local fish, and other specialties like grilled steak and crab salad.

Even the performance remains true to Hawaii tradition refusing to showcase fire sword dances as they depict Samoan tradition.

The Old Lahaina Luau costs $120 for adults, and $75 for ages 3 to 12. There is no charge for ages two and under.

ULTIMATE VACATIONS loves sharing our destination experience with our clients to enhance their Hawaii experience. We appreciate the authenticity of The Old Lahaina Luau. Let us tell you more about it and about Maui or any of the Hawaii experiences.

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