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Yesterday Jay French, president and co-owner of ULTIMATE VACATIONS was interviewed by Kaleigh Gibbs of KMBC ABC 9 in Kansas City. Kaleigh sought the recommendations of an experienced travel agent regarding travel during the coronavirus concerns.

Jay's message is simple: Use common sense. ULTIMATE VACATIONS specializes in fun & sun destinations and there are zero advisories or warnings for any Caribbean islands or for Mexico. Certainly do not travel to highly infected areas like China or Italy at this time.

Breath in. Breath out. This too shall pass. Wash your hands vigorously and often, disinfect handles and surfaces, cover your sneezes and coughs, avoid other people if you are sick, and avoid people who are sick.

Tour operators and cruise lines are updating policies daily to accommodate current concerns. You are able to add insurance beyond normal deadlines, cancel or postpone trip with great flexibility, and generally have more time to consider and evaluate the changing landscape caused by this virus.

We will post updates from tour operators, resorts and cruise lines in our blog and on our social media platforms as long as this virus is a concern.

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