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What's New at Universal Orlando?

Have you taken a close look at Universal Orlando lately? We have ... and Wow. Recently opened Skull Island at Islands of Adventure is one of the longest rides ever created - 40-foot long and 17-tons. You will have to ride it to learn if King Kong is friend or foe - it's his kingdom.

Universal's Volcano Bay Water Theme Park is slated to open early in the summer of 2017. This promises to be an amazing water park full of rides and treats straight out of the South Pacific. Here s a peek at four exciting pieces of the park.

THE VOLCANO - Krakatua is the Fire and Water Volcano. Towering 200-feet above a tropical landscape it is waterfall during the day and a fiery lava at night. You experience it via a water slide.

WAVE VILLAGE - At the base of the volcano is Waturi Beach, a sparkling lagoon designed as a peaceful escape to swim and splash.

RIVER VILLAGE - This scenic village allows guests of all ages to try the two twisting, turning multi-person slides while it sweeps up massive walls and sprays riders. Fun.

RAINFOREST VILLAGE - There are lots of different rides and tubes to experience here. For starters try the Ohyah + Ohno Drop Slides. Ascend cliff side and plummet down the twisting waters of Ohyah before dropping out four-feet above the water below. Or dare to try Ohno on a rope bridge before plunging until six feet above the pool below.

For something different Hello Kitty has a home at Universal Studios with the Hello Kitty Shop - featuring Hello Kitty Town; Hello Kitty Sweet Yummy Shop, Hello Kitty Lounge, and Hello Kitty at the Movies.

Looking for a great resort to stay on site? Hard Rock Hotel at Universal Orlando has an Amplified package available the rest of the month. This package includes behind the scenes look at music memorabilia, VIP tour; a pre-reserved Fender guitar for in-room jam sessions; free access to select live entertainment venues at CityWalk and more. ULTIMATE VACATIONS is on top of what's fun and new at Universal Orlando. We have discounted packages for hotel stays and park passes. The best way to enjoy Universal Orlando it so combine the two. Contact ULTIMATE at 913 248 0108, or by E-Mail.

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