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Agritourism Tours in Hawaii

There are many reasons we travel to Hawaii - sun and fun, culture, scenery, adventure, and so on. Add a new and compelling reason to visit Hawaii. Agritourism.

In recent years a generational shift has occurred on Hawaiian farms, with younger people assuming farm management - and they are more tourism-friendly. And with this new spirit come opportunities to tour. Here are a few that are very worthwhile.

Waipio Valley, Big Island Hawaii

Waipio Valley, Big Island Hawaii

Kohana Rum, Oahu: This farm-to-bottle, small batch rum is made with native Hawaiian sugar cane. Tours and tastings are available Tuesday through Saturdays.

O'o Farm, Maui:

8.5 acre farm, focused on sustainability. They grow tons of unique goods here, including asparagus, avocados, beans, coffee, corn, cabbage, cherries, limes, lemons, mint, plums and tomatoes. A food tour and luncheon are available as well as a coffee tour. O;o also supplies several local restaurants.

Steelgrass Chocolate Farm, Kauai:

Talk about a diversified farm. This farm offers a botanical garden, lunch tours, and even has a recording studio. Wow. Tours take you through the complete process of making chocolate, from cocoa pod to processed bars.

OK Farms, Bil Island:

There are farms, then there are farms with a waterfall - like this one. With their 1,000 acres they grow macadamia nuts, citrus, cacao, coffee, and hearts of palms.

Big Island Bees, Big Island:

This family has been beekeeping since the 1970's. Today they have 3,800 hives housing over 190 million bees. You can sample their organic honey and explore their museum during tours Monday through Saturday.

For more information on Hawaii and tours of this nature contact ULTIMATE VACATIONS.

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