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Learn About Windstar Cruises Thursday Feb 16 in Person

Do you like cruising? How about sailing? Want to get up close to remote coves and harbors that massive ships can't? Do you like being pampered? Would you like to feel like you are sailing on your own yacht? How about being pampered at a Private Event in an exotic location?

If you answered "Yes" to any of these questions we suggest you join us this Thursday.



RSVP or call 913 248 0108

Be our guest this Thursday evening and learn how affordable and enriching Windstar Cruises are. Learn about their Watersports Platform full of water toys for you to enjoy - included. And how they pamper only 148 and 310 guests per voyage - all in Ocean View Rooms or Suites.

Learn about the exotic lineup of Windstar Cruises itineraries from their very own Dianna Rom and the staff of ULTIMATE VACATIONS. Caribbean, Tahiti, Europe, Panama & Costa Rica, & Asia.

If that is not enough we have also enlisted Collette to share their story of offering guided tours to all 7 continents. plus the popular River Cruises they operate in Europe.

This is going to be an exciting evening to learn about vacation options to popular and off the beaten path destinations. So please join the experts from Windstar Cruises & Collette and staff from ULTIMATE VACATIONS. It's Free! RSVP or call 913 248 0108.

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