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Let's be clear: The COVID-19 virus has and will continue to wreak havoc globally. People are sick, infected and dying from this. At the minimum everyone has been inconvenienced at best, while many have lost income and possibly loved ones.

As you might only possibly begin to imagine this has, is and will continue to be a nightmare for the travel industry. Here is our plight.

Justin, Samantha & Jay repping ULTIMATE VACATIONS


  • Cancel Bookings: We have taken care of 100% of our clients who have had their trips cancelled or elected to cancel their trips. *We lose all of our potential income for this effort.

  • Re-book Clients: We are grateful that many of our clients elected to postpone their trips and re book for future dates. We have taken care of these requests. *While performing double duties on these requests we are happy to oblige our clients. That's part of our job.

  • Reduce Rates: In many instances we have been able to reduce rates on existing reservations saving our clients anywhere from hundreds to over $1,200 on some reservations. *Obviously we reduce our income via lost commission every time we do this. But we act on behalf of the best interests for our valued clients. And this too is part of our job.

  • Sound Advice: First cruise line cancelled cruises for 30 to 60-days; Countries closed their borders; Some hotels consolidated resorts; Cruise lines, tour operators, travel insurance companies, hotels and others changed their cancellation policies; Our government ordered us not to travel beyond our borders; Many resorts area closing the hotels for the next several weeks to months; And now tour operators are changing and reducing cancellation policies beyond what was in effect when clients originally booked, and in contrary to what we originally explained what their options would be. *These have changed by the day, often more than daily, now by the hour, and each cruise line, airline, tour operator and hotel have different policies, and even those have changed multiple times. And we have to thoroughly read, digest and understand each changing and different policy on our clients behalf. That is part of our job.

None of this is a complaint, just the facts. As with your job, we have good days and bad days, and there are events we may not enjoy that our beyond our control but we carry them out, just like you. But your local travel agents, like ULTIMATE VACATIONS, who serve our community and spends our income within our community - we are still here, serving our clients to the very best of our abilities. .


There are reports from multiple national news sources detailing how abruptly let their workforce go without notice, disconnected their phones and failed to pay suppliers, hotel ans others - effectively leaving their clients stranded at resorts, being forced to pay a second time for their vacation components.

Beyond's failure to stand tall, protect their clients vacation investment, support their employees, or serve clients when they need them the most, other famous online travel agencies are unable or unwilling to do what we do and work with clients personally in their best interests.

Next time you are tempted to shut out your dedicated local travel agency because you mistakenly believe you will save money - remember this. You may never see that money again. And basically we can match most rates you find direct with hoteliers or with online agencies.So what did you really gain? NOTHING!

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